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Regarded as the engine of any organization, Corporate Services Directorate gives overall support in the Inxuba Yethemba Municipality and strives to recruit, train and retain skilled labour force guided by applicable legislation and council policies. It is responsible for providing effective and efficient high standard administration and support to the municipality as a whole.
•General Administration
•Council Support
•Human Resources
•Information, Comm. & Technology
•Labour Relations & Legal Services
•Skills Development
•Employment Equity
•Occupational Health Safety
•Employee Wellness
•Registry & Archiving Services
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Cradock Main Building 01 J.A. Calata Street Cradock 5880
Cradock Main Building 01 J.A. Calata Street Cradock 5880


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Cradock Main Building 01 J.A. Calata Street Cradock 5880
OVERVIEW: The ICT section is responsible for overall improvement of the organisations ICT capacity and the rendering of IT support to all departments of the municipality to meet organisational objectives. It ensures that the relevant systems and procedures are in place as required by legislation. Implementation of appropriate telecommunications systems and expenditure control to ensure cost-effective and service delivery-orientated systems.
•ICT Governance
•Improve Organisation ICT
•Provide Secure ICT Infrastructure
•Effective ICT Systems Management
•ICT Administration
•Business Applications
•Data Availability, Accessibility, Integrity & Confidentiality
•Server Infrastructure
•Maximize value for money from existing & future ICT investments
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Cradock Main Building 01 J.A. Calata Street Cradock 5880
OVERVIEW: Human Resources formulated a Human Resources Strategy to enhance the Municipality’s human capital, its employees being its greatest asset. Human Resource Policies have been developed to institutionalize best practice with regard to recruitment and selection, employment equity, skills development, employee wellness, labour relation, organisational development, conditions of services and payroll.
•Personnel Administration
•Employee Terminations
•Employee Benefits Admin & Remuneration
•Leave Management
•Organisational Development
•Employment Confirmations
•Equality & Diversity
•Individual Performance Management
•Consequence Management
To ensure fair, efficient, effective and transparent personnel administration including grievance procedure, disciplinary procedure, investigating of allegations of misconduct and complaints against staff.
•Labour Relations Administration
•Disciplinary Management
•Handling of grievances/complaints
•Dispute resolution
•Dealing with Collective Labour Relations Issues
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Cradock Main Building 01 J.A. Calata Street Cradock 5880
The HRD section is responsible for the overall Training, Education and Development of all Political Leaders, Senior Management, Staff members and the unemployed persons of Inxuba Yethemba Municipality and communities. KEY FUNCTIONS:
• Skills Auditing & Training Plan
• Workplace Skills Plan Development
• Liaising with LGSETA and all other SETAs
• Liaising with Training Institutions, Universities, Colleges etc.
• Placement of Trainees
• Managing learnerships, internships and apprenticeships
048 801 5000 / 5122
Cradock Main Building 01 J.A. Calata Street
Legislative mandate of Occupational Health and Safety Act commit to the goal of providing and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment, with a view to continuous improvement. This goal is only achievable by adherence to established objectives striving to exceed all obligations under applicable legislation, and by fostering an enthusiastic commitment to health, safety and the environment within IYM personnel, contractors and visitors. KEY FUNCTIONS:
•Setup OHS Structures e.g. Committees
•Dept. of Labour COMPLIANCE e.g. Compensation levies
•Ensure safe work procedures
•Conduct Safety Inspections
•Set up programs e.g. toolbox talk
•Conduct training and workshops
•Attend to IOD cas
048 801 5080
Cradock Main Building 01 J.A. Calata Street Cradock 5880
It is merely a voluntary work based intervention programme designed to enhance the emotion, mental and general psychological and physical well-being of all employees and include services for immediate family members. It is the programme that offers: free confidential assessment, short term counselling, Referrals and follow up services to employees and or work related problems. EAPs Practitioners also work in a consultative role with Managers, Unions and Supervisors to address employees and organisational challenges and organizational needs. KEY FUNCTIONS:
•Provide Counselling
•Educational Awareness
•Confidential Services
•Promote Good Work Ethics
•Employee Empowerment
•Reduce Absenteeism
•Lower Medical Costs
•Promote Physical Participation
•Help Reduce Substance Abuse
048 801 5024 (Cradock)
049 802 1303 (Middelburg)
Cradock Main Building 01 J.A. Calata Street Cradock 5880
OVERVIEW: Housekeeping and Auxiliary Services is responsible of Maintaining Municipal Buildings and Halls for the community and stakeholders to conduct activities, build mutual support, and meet the service delivery needs of the institution and community of IYM.
KEY FUNCTIONS: •Average Customer Satisfaction Score
•Rate of Bookings
•Cleanliness of halls, offices & restrooms
048 801 5054 (Cradock)
Cradock Main Building 01 J.A. Calata Street Cradock 5880
The Inxuba Yethemba Municipality Records and Archives services derives its mandate from the provincial Archives Records Services Act No 7 of 2003 EC, to manage its records in a well-structured record keeping system and put the necessary policies and procedures in place to ensure that there is proper management and care of public records in the custody of government bodies.
• Efficient and effective Records Management service delivery, by managing all incoming correspondence, both paper and digital in accordance with legislative and regulatory requirements, policy and procedure
• Providing quality / timely research and information retrieval services to enable staff and Council to make informed business decisions
• Ensuring that records are registered, maintained, archived and disposed of, in compliance with the provisions of the State Records Act 2000
048 801 5032
Cradock Main Building 01 J.A. Calata Street Cradock 5880
To render a comprehensive administrative support services to the council and management of Inxuba Yethemba Municipality. To achieve service excellence in rendering and managing a comprehensive, effective and professional secretariat support service to Management, Council and its committees.
•Support to Council.
•Executive Secretarial Support to members of the Portfolio Committee.
•Secretarial Services to the Council.
•Managing and administering all Council Printing Works